About Us

Incorporated under the Canada Corporations Act, the Yalkezian Foundation is a private foundation based in Cobourg, Ontario. It received its designation as a private foundation and its charitable status in October 2007.

The foundation’s registration number is 845676964RR 0001. For information on all registered charities in Canada under the Income Tax Act please visit www.cra.gc.ca/charities.

We gratefully accept all donations and issue income tax receipts.

The foundation is governed by a volunteer board of directors, whose information can be found at the bottom of this page. 


The Yalkezian Foundation is proud to call Shen its business partner for all projects. Shen is a Yerevan-based non-governmental organization that focuses on integrated community development within Armenia's rural villages. 

Joe Yalkezian with Hayk Minassian, founder and head of Shen.

Joe Yalkezian with Hayk Minassian, founder and head of Shen.

Shen promotes the socio-economic development and empowerment of remote, vulnerable communities through active involvement of community members. By transferring new knowledge and skills, promoting employment, improving community infrastructures and strengthening CBOs, they strive to make Armenian communities attractive for life and work. 

Shen has the support of a large number of Diaspora Armenians who hope to help locals create "prosperity with their own hands." For more information about Shen and their projects, visit shen.am

Sweat Equity

All Yalkezian Foundation projects are executed with the help of sweat equity and participation from the populations of the villages we work in. 


Board of Directors

Simon Yalkezian

Vice Chair
Hrach Kaspar

Joe Yalkezian

Michelle Kamerman

Sophie Yalkezian

Mary Burnham

Helen Orton

Our head office is located at:

191 University Ave. East

Cobourg, Ontario

K9A 3X3


1 (905) 373-1234

Email: info@yalkezian.com