Areguni Irrigation Water Project

The Areguni village is a mountainous village in the Lori province. This project is a joint venture between the Yalkezian Foundation and the Jinishian Foundation.  It will repair and renew the village irrigation water pipes, resulting in a greater quantity of crops and higher household incomes.

Saratak Kindergarten Renovation Project

Saratak village is in the Lori province, and its kindergarten serves several communities in the area.  This project will renovate the interior of the kindergarten, and provide new furniture, so that they can care for a larger number of children from surrounding communities. Currently 60 children attend the kindergarten.

Ahnidzor Community Building Renovation Project

Ahnidzor village is in the Lori province. The community centre is a gathering place for all of their special occasions.  This project will provide a club room, kitchen, and bathroom for the community centre.

Shaghat Community Development Project – Phase 3

Shaghat village is near the city of Sissian, in the Syunik Marz. The project is the third and final phase of the main project which is to raise the living standards, and move the population from subsistence farming to farming for profit, in order to increase the community’s socio-economic standards.  This final phase is comprised of purchasing agricultural equipment, in partnership with the European Commission’s Pilot regional Development Programme – Armenia.

Lernavan Irrigation Water Project – Phase 2

The village of Lernavan is located in Lori Marz.  The project is phase 2 of the irrigation water project started last year.  It will bring irrigation water to the second half of the village, which is located on a hill, on an incline.

Trails Project

This project is to conduct a feasibility study on building walking trails in Armenia. The project includes studying trail-building methods, inspecting possible trail locations, trail designing, and preparing a schedule of documentation required for licensing a pilot project.

One Thousand Trees Project

This is the eighth installment of our One Thousand Trees Project! This project is located in Gakavadzor village, in Aragatsotn Marz. 

In order to help the environment, the foundation is planting one thousand trees in every village in the eastern part of Armenia, where the landscape is barren.

Please note that these parts of Armenia are not only barren, they are also full of rocks. By clearing rocks (and building walls with the cleared rocks) and planting trees and alfalfa, the soil becomes very fertile.

This project provides shade, oxygen, and beauty to the land, and strengthens the soil. We plant trees at the entrance of the village, and inside the village.  

Daniel Ghazarian Music School (since 2012)

The Daniel Ghazarian Music School is a private school for grades 1 through 12 located in the town of Shushi in Nagorno Karabakh. The school teaches all of the required academic subjects in the morning hours of the day, and then after lunch the focus shifts to music lessons for every student and their chosen instrument. The school also provides both breakfast and lunch, the lunch being, for some of the students, the only warm meal they have in a day. The foundation pays for the school’s annual food and heating expenses, and provides scholarships to students who excel in music and academics.

The foundation thanks the Armenian Association of Toronto for their continuous support of this project. And a special thank you to Fidelity Investments Canada for their additional support.

Stand Tall Program – Since 2016


This project supports the Armaveni Charitable Foundation’s Stand Tall program. It makes advanced orthopedic treatment accessible for children and youth from low-income families to help them overcome their disabilities, and live complete and improved lives. For further information, please visit